Mentorship Program


“Leap into Practice” is a hands-on, 8-week virtual Mentorship Program that seeks to connect practice owners (Mentors) with aspiring practice owners (Mentees) to ultimately help mentees determine if practice ownership is right for them and to embark on this goal with more confidence and preparation. The tangible “walk-away” will be a customized, self-developed business plan and participation credit hours.


In partnership with the Virginia AGD, the ZarGill Group has blueprinted this engaging virtual business-focused Mentorship Program for practice owners and aspiring practice owners, to begin in Spring 2021. The ZarGill Group is a professional collaboration between well-known industry professionals, Malika Azargoon Principal Consultant of Zar Dental Consulting, LLC and Natasha Gillis, Esq. of The Gillis Firm, PLLC.


Purchasing a dental practice is an intensive process with a lot of pre-planning conversation about “building the right team” to prepare for the process. A lot of dental entrepreneurs get frustrated with having to figure out when to hire and bring on various team members to navigate a successful practice acquisition. The ZarGill Group is a concept that merges the processes of two distinctly unique companies, The Gillis Firm, PLLC (law) with Zar Dental Consulting, LLC (dental practice consulting), to maximize the client experience by helping to effectively work on a client file through the legal and business (practice consulting) aspects of the acquisition process, together.


As a valued member of the Virginia AGD, we would appreciate your input to evaluate interest in this program.


Please take the following 2-minute survey to let us know your interest level or nominate a colleague:



Applications will be available early 2021. Please check back for updates!